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Experience the pinnacle of the Mauritius Luxury Concierge and indulge in a bespoke, personalized service that caters to your every need.





Emma Ryan Concierge

Based in Mauritius, we provide a bespoke, lifestyle concierge service for the discerning.

In today’s relentless world, we know just how valuable your time is. More than just a luxury concierge service, we arrange everything that you will need to make your experience here unforgettable.

Whether for a short-trip or long-term stays, our team will ensure you experience the best Mauritius has to offer.

We can also represent your interests in Mauritius. This can be for companies and business you own here, or properties and other investments that may need management or local supervision.

  • Luxury Lifestyle Concierge

    We provide luxury lifestyle concierge services in Mauritius whether you want a hidden retreat with live-in chefs, to be seen at exclusive events or to enjoy a private island.

  • Remote Working from Paradise

    The Mauritius Premium Visa allows you to come to Mauritius throughout the year without restriction. Work remotely in a beach villa in paradise but with fibre internet and proper business infrastructure.

  • Residency and Citizenship

    Do you want a permanent residence permit for you and your family? Do you want somewhere that you can escape to for holidays or as a backup if the world ignites?

  • Exclusive Events and Experiences

    Would you like to swim with dolphins, have a box at the horse races, or just take a wing of a hotel with the best entertainment that Mauritius offers?

  • Retreats and Escapes

    Do you need to recharge your batteries with some yoga on the beach for a week? Would you like a retreat in a luxury, boutique hotel with meditation and spas to re-energise?

  • Investment and Real Estate

    Would you like permanent residence or a back-up citizenship? Would you like to diversify your portfolio with a beach villa on a small island full of growth and no capital gains tax.

  • Retirement

    Have the kids flown the nest and you want an adventure, but in a safe and stable tropical environment? Do you want to live by the ocean or on a golf course?

  • Business

    Do you have a business that invests or trades globally and you want to move it to a tax-efficient jurisdiction? Mauritius has numerous bilateral and regional tax and investment agreements?

About Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful, tropical paradise. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, palm trees on beaches with turquoise waters and white beaches greet you wherever you go. Juxtaposed to this utopia is a unique and friendly, local population, safety and political stability, fibre broadband, a thriving global business centre and luxury hotels and real estate.

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